Ocean Avenue


yea, but is having more things than camp even speaks of doing! … hm…

*sees a bug*


… do leechies climb into the land or are we safe being almost far from lake?

I’m pretty sure they don’t get out of the water. -looks around them- hmmm…

what about over there? behind that cabin. it’s pretty open.


ooh! yes, is netting like is for goa- … why is having so many THINGS here… can we even make for fishing? am not understanding many of this camp…

okay, with net and ball and stick, we are having ready for game! but must first be finding place for kicking ball with no tree.

well it is the equipment room! and fishing’s a sport…..so….


yeah, okay. -glances around before leaving-


and baseball like ball of Cross… … why would be having balls for courts not having?

*reaches in and grabs one* okay! now is needing to finding clearing, and then stick for goals… or… just single goal. … cannot really be playing real football without goalies and goal for them, and then others. but could be showing with just two people with one goal, maybe.


hey! a fishing net! maybe we could use this for the goal?

-picks it up-

oh! and here are some stick-like poles. we could use them too. -picks them up as well-


ggh… *shoves open door*

*looks around*

is not seeing where a goal could be finding, but…


… the balls are having an entrapment.

…man, that ain’t right.

no balls should be cooped up and squished together like that.

but hey! those look like soccer balls to me! we’re in luck.


… oh yes! shed is somewhere near… …


… here.


that’s handy….

welp! let’s get in there.


bleck! you having eaten mud BEFORE was saying as joke? … you are having problems.

… oh. … right. am teaching for soccer, but is needing to getting ball, Cross will be very mad if taking his but something of similar could be working for. and then… is needing goal, could just be using two stick in ground.

-coughs lightly and laughs- um…shouldn’t there be a shed ‘round here for keeping toys and sports equipment and stuff?

we could check that


how are you so sure of happenings or not? do you just having “oh, will be eating mud today,” “and then am going to be driving without seatbelt,” thinkings? thought was smarter than Counselor…

well, usually, I just eat mud on a dare. and those are all choices!

you can’t control what a leech does or where it’s gonna be, but…

wait. I think I got confused.

why are we even still talking about leeches? you should just get ready to teach me some soccer things or…whatever we were talking about


…. GROSS what if you eat mud with a leechie in it? and it makes a hook onto your insides and eats your guts? then the last thing you eat will have being a MUD.

you should not eating mud. you are a stupid for even having thinking of these dumb things. 


oh my god. 

that’s not gonna happen! ahahah! holy shit…

Asking mostly because you hang out in trashy bar a lot. I bet drunk men love a pretty thing like you.




THE WOMEN……………..


… you are a stupid. leechie is gross. so are other thing, but am not expecting for you to be doing gross thing because gross thing is THERE!

could be saying for jaime to go eat mud, it is a gross, you should have no problem if there is no fear of mud. it is part of living.


do you want me to go eat mud? because I’ll fuckin’ do it.